Updates and Changes

What’s Next Counseling COVID-19  Response

 We know that there is a lot of anxiety about the Coronavirus, or COVID-19. At What’s Next Counseling  we are committed to continuing to offer uninterrupted sessions to all of our clients, and we will remain open for business. We have moved sessions from in-person to a secure video platform so that you may continue to have uninterrupted counseling services.

To ease anxiety around what may happen to you during the general coronavirus response, please remember to follow these recommended precautions:

Limit your media exposure to coronavirus updates, statistics, and recommendations to ONCE PER DAY.
Obtain your coronavirus information from a RELIABLE SOURCE such as the Center for Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/summary.html
Follow basic infection control guidelines including:

HAND WASHING frequently but not obsessively.
SANITIZE the objects you and lots of people touch.
SOCIAL DISTANCING – limit attending large gatherings and shared spaces as you are able to.

If you are sick, STAY HOME. If your child is sick, have both of you stay home.
DO NOT PANIC – there is no need to stock up on one month’s worth of toilet paper or other items. All you need is two weeks’ worth of essentials (e.g., prescriptions if possible) and food, in case you do become sick.

We know how difficult it is to manage anxiety in times like this, and in particular if you are struggling with other stressors in your life, your anxiety may be more impacted than normal. Please reach out for any additional support that you might need during this difficult time. 


Click on this image to see the latest updates from the CDC.

Client Testimonials

 "Choosing a place to do my DUI classes seemed like something that wouldn't matter, but I'm so grateful that I ended up here. Amy is an amazing counselor and made classes, dare I say, enjoyable. I would recommend everyone to go here, even if it's a little bit of a further drive! Also, she is more affordable than other nearby places so just the cherry on top.​" Hannah 

 Amy has been an incredible counselor and I truly think that she cares a lot about helping her clients succeed in life, and not just in her class. Her positive attitude and genuine kindness made me look forward to coming to class every week. I will recommend What's Next Counseling of anyone I know needs DUI classes in the future." John N. 

 "I really appreciate all the time and effort Amy put into the classes. Amy was the best counselor I have ever had." Chris 

 "The class had a very useful and helpful information and Amy is a very good instructor." Gabriel 

 " Thank you so much for your knowledge, dedication, positivity and your upbeat personality! I am glad that I found you and "What's Next" vs some other place to take my classes. I appreciate you scheduling you offer and accommodating myself and others! Most of all, thank you for making this past year a little more tolerable...your creative ideas and games, to bringing us treats and pizza, your kindness and genuine love of work shines through and doesn't go unnoticed!" Stefan 

 "I just wanted to say thank you Amy for showing me how to handle the DUI issues through out this ordeal. She has helped me come to term and mentally accept the issue and through it. She is a wonderful counselor. I really enjoyed her class and how she made it very interesting and never boring." XL